• GraphQL and Sitecore – video series Part 3
    The third video in my series on using GraphQL with Sitecore is now online. In this video, I look at variables, built in fields, and the use of Fragments to improve query […]
  • GraphQL and Sitecore – video series Part 2
    I’m pleased to release the second video in my series on using GraphQL with Sitecore. In this second video, I look at Item Queries and strong typing of items and fields. Hope […]
  • Using other GraphQL types
    Recently I needed to expose a GraphQL query that accepted a list of Sitecore item IDs and returned the item data for those IDs. I wanted to use the Content Search API […]
  • GraphQL and Sitecore – video series Part 1
    Today I released Part 1 of a video series on using GraphQL with Sitecore. In this first part, I cover getting up and running with GraphQL through: installing Sitecore’s JavaScript Services Server […]
  • Slides from Meetup presentation on Sitecore Content Serialization and CLI 4.0
    Last week I presented to the Perth SUG on the subject of Sitecore Content Serialization and some of the new features in CLI 4.0. Below are the slides.
  • Redirects and the Layout Service
    In a typical Sitecore ASP.NET server-side rendered solution, redirects are handled by returning a 301 or 302 HTTP status code to the client browser to signal that the client should redirect to […]
  • Get to Know an MVP podcast
    Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nicole Montero for the Coresampler “Get to Know an MVP” podcast series. If you have a spare 9 minutes and 55 seconds in […]
  • Headless content API options with Sitecore
    Options for consuming Sitecore content in your headless solution
  • Pittsburgh SUG presentation on the Layout Service
    Recently I had the opportunity to present to the friendly folks at the Pittsburgh Sitecore User Group. The session on March 26 was an updated version of the presentation that I made […]
  • Serializing rendering parameters in the layout service
    The Layout Service currently has limited support for rendering parameters. Parameters are output as name:value pairs which means if you use something like a DropLink as a lookup (e.g. classes, colours, padding […]
  • Extending the Layout Service Context
    Out of the box, the Layout Service returns the Context and Route objects (see my earlier post for more info on the Layout Service.) On my current JSS React project we wanted […]
  • Changes to xConnect Client API in Sitecore 10
    During an upgrade of my Marketing Automation custom activity demo code to version 10, Visual Studio flagged a warning that the xConnect Client getAsync method was marked as obsolete when passing in […]