• Using GraphQL with XM+EDGE in the Sitecore Demo Portal
    Setting up an XM+EDGE instance in the Sitecore Demo Portal, I encountered a couple of gotchas with querying data via the Experience Edge GraphQL IDE. If you are already familiar with the […]
  • Slides from my SUGCON ANZ 2022 presentation
    This year I had the very good fortune to attend and present at SUGCON ANZ in Melbourne – the first ANZ SUGCON since 2019 in Sydney. It was fantastic to hang out […]
  • GraphQL and Sitecore – video series Part 3
    The third video in my series on using GraphQL with Sitecore is now online. In this video, I look at variables, built in fields, and the use of Fragments to improve query […]
  • GraphQL and Sitecore – video series Part 2
    I’m pleased to release the second video in my series on using GraphQL with Sitecore. In this second video, I look at Item Queries and strong typing of items and fields. Hope […]
  • Using other GraphQL types
    Recently I needed to expose a GraphQL query that accepted a list of Sitecore item IDs and returned the item data for those IDs. I wanted to use the Content Search API […]
  • GraphQL and Sitecore – video series Part 1
    Today I released Part 1 of a video series on using GraphQL with Sitecore. In this first part, I cover getting up and running with GraphQL through: installing Sitecore’s JavaScript Services Server […]
  • Slides from Meetup presentation on Sitecore Content Serialization and CLI 4.0
    Last week I presented to the Perth SUG on the subject of Sitecore Content Serialization and some of the new features in CLI 4.0. Below are the slides.
  • Redirects and the Layout Service
    In a typical Sitecore ASP.NET server-side rendered solution, redirects are handled by returning a 301 or 302 HTTP status code to the client browser to signal that the client should redirect to […]
  • Get to Know an MVP podcast
    Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nicole Montero for the Coresampler “Get to Know an MVP” podcast series. If you have a spare 9 minutes and 55 seconds in […]
  • Headless content API options with Sitecore
    Options for consuming Sitecore content in your headless solution
  • Pittsburgh SUG presentation on the Layout Service
    Recently I had the opportunity to present to the friendly folks at the Pittsburgh Sitecore User Group. The session on March 26 was an updated version of the presentation that I made […]
  • Serializing rendering parameters in the layout service
    The Layout Service currently has limited support for rendering parameters. Parameters are output as name:value pairs which means if you use something like a DropLink as a lookup (e.g. classes, colours, padding […]