• Extending the Layout Service Context
    Out of the box, the Layout Service returns the Context and Route objects (see my earlier post for more info on the Layout Service.) On my current JSS React project we wanted […]
  • Changes to xConnect Client API in Sitecore 10
    During an upgrade of my Marketing Automation custom activity demo code to version 10, Visual Studio flagged a warning that the xConnect Client getAsync method was marked as obsolete when passing in […]
  • Creating a custom rendering contents resolver
    In my previous post, I covered the basics of how the Layout Service and Rendering Contents Resolvers work together to deliver component rendering data via the API for consumption by rendering hosts […]
  • Sitecore Layout Service and Rendering Contents Resolvers
    An overview of the layout service and how rendering contents resolvers are used to populate component rendering data.
  • SUGCON Global 2020
    With in-person SUGCON events cancelled all across the world due to the pandemic, the Sitecore community decided to hold a global SUGCON online. This was a great initiative and being global made […]
  • Dude, where’s my contact?
    Ever wondered how to find the xDB Contact that was created for a user that visited your site ? No ? Well that’s too bad because I’m going to tell you anyway. […]
  • Don’t delete the Click Email Link goal if you use EXM
    If you delete the “Click Email Link” goal: Then your EXM click-through events will not be tracked. This came to light when looking in the contact interactions when trying to find out […]
  • Delete xDB contacts and interactions from Collection databases
    To clean out unwanted contact data from your collection databases, there are some referential integrity constraints that mean the deletions have to happen in a specific order. The following query will delete […]
  • The mysterious case of the Zombie Automation Plan
    Yesterday we worked with our customer to deploy some integrations that trigger Sitecore Marketing Automation plans. The plans do their thing and then push messages onto an Azure Service Bus topic and […]
  • Automate Everything!
    Recently I had the privilege and good fortune to present at the 2019 Sitecore Symposium in Orlando, Florida. Below are links to the slides and notes from my presentation on customising Sitecore […]
  • Troubleshooting custom activity types and Marketing Automation
    Below are some tips for debugging and troubleshooting customisations in your Sitecore Marketing Automation plans. See also the slides from my recent Sitecore Symposium presentation “Automate Everything!” and the supporting code on […]
  • Securing xDB data with Azure Key Vault and SQL Always Encrypted (part 3)
    In part 1 we looked at the reasons for using Always Encrypted for xDB data and creating encryption keys in Azure Key Vault. In part 2 we looked at Column Master Keys and Column Encryption Keys […]