Sitecore strategy, profiling, and personalisation link catalogue

A selection of useful links and videos on Sitecore strategy, planning, personalisation and profiling. These are a good set of references for marketers and digital producers who want to learn more about these aspects of Sitecore XP.

Strategy and Planning

Planning and implementing multi-site personalisation strategy

Creating personalized customer journeys for your most important user segments


Personalization: How do I get started?

Sitecore Personalization Rules – Step by Step

A step-by-step guide to creating a personalisation roadmap

Preparing for Sitecore personalisation? – Three steps to make your personalisation tests effective–three-steps-to-make-your-personalisation-tests-effective/

Sitecore: The Power of Personalization

Leverage CX & 1:1 Personalization to drive Marketing ROI

Profile & pattern cards

Profiles and Keys and Cards; Oh My!

Understanding Profile and pattern cards

Profile Cards PS Sitecore Personalization

Sitecore profile and pattern cards

Understanding Sitecore Profile and Pattern Cards for Personalization – Part I

Creating Sitecore Profile Cards & Profile Keys for Personalization – Part II

Creating Sitecore Pattern Cards for Personalization – Part III

Using Pattern Cards in Sitecore for Personalization – Part IV

The Path to Personalisation with Sitecore – Webinar

Everything about profiling, pattern matches and personalization hacks

Sitecore profile and pattern cards

Marketing Training – Profile and Pattern Cards

xDB Collection model

Use core collection model facets

Collection model reference